Training Gas Processing Calculation


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After participate in this training , the participants will be able and capable to :

  • Understand the basic concept of gas handling processes and operation calculation, and how to operate this technology in field application.
  • Calculation and diagnostic of gas reservoir performance under actual drive mechanism and future performance with current handling processes.
  • Analyze and calculation the production potential of reservoir under with actual handling system processes and to plan the better development processes according to reservoir capacity.
  • Understand the fundamentals calculation of microscopic and macroscopic aspects and phenomena of gas  processes calculation and operation.


No specified  (Operator/ Sr. Operator/Engineer or Non Engineer)


  • Introduction to Gas Process and Operation
  • Gas Properties calculation
  • Ideal gas
  • Real Gas
  • Gas Formation Volume Factor
  • Gas Compressibility
  • Gas-Water System
  • Gas-Condensate System

Gas Reservoir Performance calculatrion

  • Reservoir Gas Flow
  • Gas Reserves
  • Well Completion Effect
  • Tight Gas Well
  • Gas Well Testing

Gas Piping System and calculation

  • Basic  Flow Equation
  • Flow in Wells and Flow in Pipelines
  • Effect of Liquids
  • Use of Pressure Traverse Curve
  • Liquid Removal from Gas Wells

Gas Compression calculation

  • Type of Compressors
  • Compressor Design
  • Centrifugal Compressor

Total System Analysis and calculation

  • Tubing and Flow Line Effect
  • Separator Pressure Effect
  • Compressor Selection

Flow Measuring

  • Orifice Metering
  • Metering System Design
  • Other Metering Methods

Gas Condensate Reservoir calculation

  • Well Testing and Sampling
  • Gas Cycling

Field Operation Problems and calculation

  • Pressure Cumulative Production Plot
  • Hydrate Formation
  • Sour Gas Production
  • Corrosion Control With Inhibitors
  • Sulfur Deposition

Gas Processing design calculation

  • Field treatment of Natural Gas
  • Gas Plant Operation
  • Gas Dehydration
  • Gas Sweetening


3 Day


Normal Class

  • Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy), Quality training kits: bag, block note, ballpoint, including jacket or T-shirt, etc, Convenient training facilities in four or five stars hotel, Lunch per day, morning and afternoon coffee / tea breaks for along the training, Certificate & Photo.

Online Class

  • Softcopy Modul dan Sertifikat


Call : 021 756 3091

Fax : 021 756 3291


0813 8280 7230, 0812 8931 1641

Email: [email protected]


Schedule Training Gas Processing Calculation year 2023:

  • 09-11 Januari 2023 Jakarta
  • 06-08 Februari 2023 Yogyakarta
  • 06-08 Maret 2023 Bandung
  • 10-12 April 2023 Surabaya
  • 08-10 Mei 2023 Bogor
  • 12-14 Juni 2023 Bali
  • 10-12 Juli 2023 Jakarta
  • 07-09 Agustus 2023 Yogyakarta
  • 11-13 September 2023 Bandung
  • 09-11 Oktober 2023 Surabaya
  • 06-08 November 2023 Bogor
  • 11-13 Desember 2023 Malang

Investation (Not Include Hotel Acomodation) :

Online Class

  • Rp 5.500.000/peserta (Online Zoom Meeting)

Normal Class

  • IDR. 11.000.000,-/participant (Jakarta)
  • IDR. 11.000.000-/participant (Bandung)
  • IDR. 12.000.000,-/participant (Yogyakarta)
  • IDR. 14.000.000,-/participant (Bali)
  • IDR. 14.750.000,-/participant (Lombok)
  • US$ 4780/participant (Malaysia)

Available on request for time, place and facilities call us for more information

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