Training (HSE) Health and Safety Environmental Management System for Oil and Gas Industry (23-25 September 2019 Lombok)


Training (HSE) Health and Safety Environmental Management System for Oil and Gas Industry – Every day, the oil and gas industry must contend with an array of health, safety and environmental concerns throughout its range of operations. In the face of increasing regulatory oversight, as well as increased public security, companies need to implement effective safety management systems to help protect their workers, the general public and the environment. On the basis of that knowledge in managing HSE programs in the oil and gas industry is very important that all parties involved in the industry to be safe.

BMD Street Consulting has helped clients in the oil and gas industry to build systems and human resources in living k3, programs and processes to manage and monitor the activities of which affect their safety performance. hse safety management through training we can help develop a sustainability management system that supports the safety and business performance throughout the lifecycle of your assets.


This training program is designed to facilitate workforce in controlling hazards in the workplace, especially for a safety officer. They will also be taught how to build an effective management system health safety and enviromental, convenient and applied and build awareness of workers to work in a safe condition. Upon completion of this training program is also expected of the participants were able to:

    • Understanding requirements of the Health Safety and Environmental Management System in oil and gas company, under Regulation PP 50 Th 2012/OHSAS 18001:2007 and ISO 14001
    • Able to performance a gap analysis and implementation HSE management system include: identifying and assessing the risk management, Plan dan building HSE Management Program, controling and documenting HSE program.
    • Provide, Effective implementing HSE and maintainance program in oil and gas sector.
  • Tips and Trick success to building HSE program in oil and gas company


  • Introduction to requirements HSE program intergration SMK3 OHSAS with ISO 14001.
  • Effectives Plan, Build and Development health and safety environmental management system.
  • Chemical risk management
  • Chemical safety, handling and storage
  • Asbestos hazard management
  • Indoor air quality
  • Mold awareness and mold abatement programs
  • Noise and hearing loss
  • Personal protective equipment including respiratory protection
  • Confined space entry
  • Job hazard analysis
  • Accident investigation / root cause analysis
  • Lock out/tag out
  • Electrical safety
  • Process safety management
  • Computerized data and information systems
  • Material safety data sheet inventory review and management
  • Electronic information systems development
  • Health, safety and environment data management


Presenting theory, interactive discussion and practices the class by taking study case as a material to be solved

Quality training material (hardcopy and softcopy), Quality training kits: bag, block note, ballpoint, including jacket or T-shirt, etc, Convenient training facilities in four or five stars hotel, Lunch per day, morning and afternoon coffee / tea breaks for along the training, Certificate & Photo.


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Jadwal Training (HSE) Health and Safety Environmental Management System for Oil and Gas Industry 2019 :

  • 23-25 September 2019 Lombok
  • 21-23 Oktober 2019 Bogor
  • 25-27 November 2019 Bali
  • 16-18 Desember 2019 Surabaya

Investasi tahun 2018 (Tidak Termasuk Akomodasi & Penginapan) : 

  • Rp. 11.000.000,-/peserta (Jakarta)
  • Rp. 11.000.000-/peserta (Bandung)
  • Rp. 12.000.000,-/peserta (Yogyakarta)
  • Rp. 14.000.000,-/peserta (Bali)
  • Rp. 14.750.000,-/peserta (Lombok)
  • US$ 4780/peserta (Malaysia)

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